Live Life to the Fullest in Good Health       
On board the Dawn Princess Dec. 2010 
My name is Michael Gurry and with my wife Marilyn we are USANA Independent Distributors living in Forest Hill, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Marilyn still teaches part-time and I was a maths & science teacher for 20 years before I changed direction into massage therapy and natural health. We encourage everyone to be more pro-active in looking after their own health just as we do. We eat a diet rich in fruit and vegies, with more attention to a high fibre diet and much less processed foods and commercial yoghurts which are high in sugar. Eating low-glycemic means less stress on our insulin production and less risk of diabetes.
We value good nutritional products but didn't realise how poor our previous brand had been until we learnt about USANA. Since starting on the USANA cellular nutrition products our health has been excellent and their home business plan has provided an extra stream of income. We exercise regularly with walking, swimming, gym and I play golf twice a week. We love our life!
Life is short. Are you getting the most out of your life?
Our job is to help people who want more than just being average job with an average income and then retire in 40 years on less than half their final salary. Most people settle for that life because they don't know that anything else is possible. Well, you can do much better if you have an open mind and let us show you what we and thousands of other people have done in just a few years, starting part-time, like Jeffrey. Read Jeffrey's story from the link above then Contact Me to ask for more details about how we can help you too.
Are you Prepared if you Lose Your Job?
If you lost your job tomorrow how would you survive? In the current economic and political climate keeping your job is no certainty and loyalty by the employer or employee seems to be a thing of the past. For those reasons many people start a USANA business as an excellent Plan B so they have something to fall back on if the unthinkable happens. Contact me to discuss this idea.
Do you want the next 2 years to be different to the last 2? Better health? Better income? Out of debt? It can be, if you want it to be...with the right mindset combined with the right opportunity. USANA is the right opportunity so how do you get the right mindset? Listen to this 5 min audio from Jim Rohn then click the Back arrow to return to this page.
Sometimes helping yourself starts with helping others. If you agree with that statement then you will enjoy this short aticle about Dr Wentz and his vision for USANA. Read more...
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                     USANA Life (1:54)                                What is USANA? (3:18)
 USANA's Brilliant Pay Plan (12:17)       Why Carmen chose USANA (7:40)

USANA Health Products...Three Broad Categories

1. Nutritionals
Pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements which provide the most complete nutritional system on the market. The Essentials is the most potent and well-balanced formula of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to support optimal health. For more details about why the Essentials is so good compared to other multivitamin products please Contact Me. The Nutritionals range includes Biomega (fish oil + vit D), Active Calcium Plus (calc. & mag.), Procosamine (glucosamine + vit C etc.), + many other specialty health supplements.
New Product Videos - Essentials (1:34) >>
2. Diet and Energy
Low GI weight-loss & weight management foods - powdered drinks and nutrition bars with the right balance of carbs, protein and good fats. The USANA RESET is a medically approved support program of supplements shakes and bars to help you reach a healthy weight. Our REV3 energy drink is a much healthier alternative to the commercial energy drinks that have sugar, caffeine, guarana and lots of calories.
**FREE SAMPLE** Use the Contact Me link to request a FREE sample from our delicious low GI shakes and bars for you to try (Australia only).
Science behind RESET program (6:29) >>
3. Sensé Personal care - revolutionary nutritional skin care & hair care with many exclusive features such as our patented, antioxidant-rich, self-preserving formulas with NO parabens or other artificial preservatives. You will feel the difference and see the radiance of truly healthy skin from the first day you try it. Customers can't believe how good this skin care range works...and at half the price of most top quality retail brands! Skin care health professionals endorse the amazing technology and unique benefits of Sensé.
Dermatologist discusses Sensé (8:06) >>

PRODUCT range: To see the full range of products click on Products menu above then select your country. All our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.  
To Order Products safely and securely use the Shop Online link above or see other options further down under How To Order USANA Products.
Our Product Experience
We have found the USANA Nutritional products such as Essentials, Biomega, Procosamine, Active Calcium Plus, Proflavanol C100, Vitamin D, etc. to be excellent.  We can feel the difference with more energy every day. You too will feel more "alive", just like my customers. eg. the one who came back from mountain-climbing in Tibet who believes our products kept him and his partner climbing strongly every day.
Ready to order USANA Essentials?
Order the 5-Star rated multivitamin & mineral in two bottles: Mega Antioxidant + Multimineral using the Shop Online link above. Other options are explained further down under "How To Order USANA Products".

Peace of mind - Registered products - All USANA products have been registered with the TGA of Australia and been given a number such as AUST L 154785 (Active Calcium Plus). Don't buy any supplements over the internet that do not carry this registration code AUST L xxxxxx.
Our gut health is boosted with a high fibre diet, drizzling vinegar on more of our foods and taking USANA Probiotic powder (no sugar) and Fibergy powdered shake that provides 12g of fibre from multiple fibre sources. Go to Nutrition Research page above to read more about gut health.

We also enjoy the tasty RESET low GI weight management foods, Rev3 healthy energy drink and Sensé personal care products. Marilyn is amazed at how her skin stays so moist for so much longer since using our supplements plus the Sensé line of skin care products. This provides the best "inner and outer" skin nutrition you can get.
Most people are struggling to stay healthy
Most people eat an average diet including fast-food options that are high in calories, high in carbs, high in sugar and low in nutritional value and low in fibre, get very little exercise then have to rely on pharmaceutical drugs after their health has deteriorated.This often starts a downhill roller-coaster.
We know there is a better way to live if long-term good health is your goal.
The health information you read on this website is evidence-based and compiled from the vast experience of doctors in both traditional and complementary medicine. The latter focuses on the important role that other modalities like exercise, diet and high quality supplements can play in assisting people with health issues and to sustain optimal health. eg. .
What's wrong with our food today? Plenty...just think of what you ate yesterday and the day before. Did it contain over 40 key vitamins and minerals that we need every day? Our mass-produced food (fruit and vegies) is grown in soils depleted of vital nutrients, sprayed with chemical pesticides, picked "green"before ripening...etc. Read more on the link above: "Why Take Supplements" .
USANA is the provides the critical building blocks of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega3 fatty acids, etc. in the right amounts and the right balance that your 75 trillion body cells need every day. You just can't get enough of these from your average diet which means your cells may not be protected against free radical damage which can seriously impact your health. By supplementing with a range of high potency nutritionals from USANA you can be confident that you are doing all you can to maintain your health with optimal nutrition.

WARNING...Not all vitamin supplements are the same!
With so many supplement brands on the market how do you tell which ones really work?
USANA Vitamins were assessed and rated on Today Tonight, 7th August, 2007. 
In the Today Tonight program they reviewed the latest comparative research into vitamin supplements conducted by a group of Canadian and U.S. biochemists and nutritional experts as reported in "The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements".
The ANZ Guide tested and scored the top 100 vitamin products on the Australian and N.Z. markets and the USANA Essentials was declared a clear winner for quality, potency and performance.
The comparison was done on a range of issues such as, how well the tablets break down (many were too hard and didn't dissolve properly) how absorbable the vitamins were across the cellular membrane, the range of vitamins and minerals in the tablets and whether they were in the appropriate amounts, appropriate ratios and the appropriate form (i.e. natural rather than synthetic). 
USANA was the only 5-star winner, rating far ahead of all the one-a-day multi's that are in the retail stores such as Blackmores, Swisse, Centrum, Natures Own, Natures Way, etc. for product quality, potency and performance. The Essentials is a 5-Star product but the others are between 1-Star and 2-Stars (think in terms of hotel ratings). The problem is this... the one-a-day multi cannot provide all the nutrients you need and at the right levels to support your body with everything it needs in today's world.  
You've seen the retail brand advertising but USANA does not spend $millions on TV ads because it prefers to spend the money on making better quality products. If you compare the formulas and the ingredient amounts this point is crystal clear. 
Click Here to watch a short video about the Essentials and cellular nutrition (takes 20 secs to load).
USANA Essentials - 5-Star Award winner once again
For the sixth consecutive year in 2013 USANA Essentials was independently rated the leading multivitamin nutritional supplement in Australia, N.Z., U.S. & Canada by the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide. Most companies say their products are the best but we can show you why our quality is exceptional.

Your health is your greatest asset. Everything you do in life depends on it. Pay attention to it, care for it and invest in it. You are worth it and you will notice the difference.

Overview of USANA Health Sciences


Why does USANA Guarantee the Highest Quality in every product?

              Dr Myron Wentz Story                  USANA Quality Manufacturing
From 1972 to 1991 Dr Wentz headed Gull Laboratories where he studied human cells under the microscope and gained a unique knowledge of what kept them healthy. He was recognised for producing top quality disease test kits for use in hospitals around the world. After serious health tragedies struck his family he saw an obvious need that was missing in the world...superior quality health products. In 1992 he changed direction to develop the highest quality health products. His motive for starting USANA was to help people, not to make money.
USANA Health Sciences has been in operation for 22 years as a science-based, direct sales nutrition co. and was approved for operation here in Australia in 1998 and now operates in 18 other countries. USANA is listed as a public company on the NASDAQ with the symbol USNA. It is therefore bound by the laws of good governance and regular auditing that comes with being a public company. The founder Dr Myron Wentz Ph.D (Microbiology and Immunology) has a mission to manufacture the highest quality health products and he chose direct sales as his distribution method in order to offer a much higher quality product than you can buy in the retail stores. He did not want to compete on price with other products on the shelf because that would mean lowering his standards of what his own research told him about ideal nutrition for human cells. Our products represent great value for what you get in the unique formulas... higher amounts of vital ingredients in the right balance that promotes good health.

Is USANA a genuine business or just a scam? After watching the videos and reading the last 2 paragraphs what do you think? We would never be associated with something that was not approved as a genuine way to do business and to help others. Unfortunately there are some faceless internet blog sites that make false accusations about USANA and we can't stop them. Their lies cover the truth...they don't understand the fairness of our pay plan, don't believe in our product benefits and have probably never tried these products themselves.
How to Order USANA Products
All online orders come with home delivery (+$10 within Australia).
1. Shop Online link to purchase at Retail Price with a credit card.
2. Contact Me to receive my SPECIAL PRICE for personal pickup at Forest Hill, Victoria. If you are from Blackburn, Box Hill, Nunawading, Doncaster, Donvale, Mitcham, Ringwood, Vermont, Glen Waverley, Mt Waverley, Camberwell, Surrey Hills, etc. then personal pickup may be suitable for you..
3. Enroll Online as a Preferred Customer to receive a 10% discount (one-off order). Contact Me to explain our 4-weekly or 8-weekly Auto Order option which gives an 18% discount. USANA offers 100% money back guarantee when you buy from registered Associates like myself but not from unregistered sellers such as on e-Bay.
Note: If you choose the retail option I strongly advise you  to allow me to contact you regarding the best way to start the Essentials and other products. 
Already a Preferred Customer? Then use the Login button at the top of this page with your PC number and password. If you've misplaced your PC number, then ring me on 0413260558 (within Australia).
Outside Australia - Shop Online tab then go to Change Market at top of page, select your country then do your shopping with home delivery. You can also use the Online Enrollment tab to select your country, enroll as a Preferred Customer and have the products home delivered.
Are You Looking...for more out of life? 
Dissatisfied with your job in some way, perhaps looking for extra income? Then consider a "Plan B" side income as a part-time USANA Associate to build financial security. Job security is a thing of the past so you need a backup plan. Positions are now open with me as your personal business trainer. No previous experience is needed and all training is FREE. All you provide is the effort and desire to learn. No selling of products at the start, no pushing people, no detailed knowledge just watch and learn. If you have good people skills and a few hours per week then I can help you. Watch the Online Presentation above then go to the OPPORTUNITY menu above. Contact me for more details and perhaps discuss your enquiry over a coffee, no obligation.
Need Proof of the USANA Difference? Here it is....
These 4 apple slices in water are 5 days old...which one would you eat? You can see the protective effects of the quality antioxidants in the USANA Essentials - Mega Antioxidant (2nd from left) showing very little oxidation compared to the others. Also watch the "The Apple Test" video and "The Iodine Experiment" video further down. 
Ready to order USANA Essentials? 
Order the 5-Star rated multivitamin & mineral in two bottles: Mega Antioxidant + Multimineral using the Shop Online link above. Other options are explained previously under "How To Order USANA Products".
USANA is trusted by 600 of the world's top athletes 
Mike Allsop (N.Z.) completed the 777 project in Feb. 2013 - 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents, powered by USANA products! He raised money for KidsCan a children's cancer charity and USANA donated $10,000 through their True Health Foundation.
Tate Smith (Aus) won Gold at the 2012 London Olympics in K4 1000 Kayak team. Tate consumes these products as part of his training program - Essentials, Active Calcium Plus, Biomega, CoQuinone, Procosamine, ProflavanolC, Fibergy and Probiotic.
Sam Stosur (Aus), 2011 US Open Tennis Champion and 160 women tennis players on the WTA tour trust their health to USANA. USANA has been the Official Health Supplement Supplier to the WTA since 2006. It is now an Official Partner of the WTA and the Official Multivitamin of the WTA. 
Steve Hooker (Aus) our 2008 Olympic and 2010 World Champion pole vaulter was on USANA products for 6 years up to end of 2011. NOTE: All these athletes only get their products in their sponsorship, they are not paid any contracts to endorse the products.
Watch the video on the right titled "Athletes Trust USANA".

Insider Secrets...Contact me to request a copy of Steve Hooker's Olympic nutrition program and a detailed 2-page document that explains why your body needs optimal nutrition to perform at your best.  

Ready to order USANA Essentials? 
Order the 5-Star rated multivitamin & mineral in two bottles: Mega Antioxidant + Multimineral using the Shop Online link above. Other options are explained further down under "How To Order USANA Products".
Video - Why your body needs the Essentials... click on picture
Detailed video -->    (may take, 20 secs to load).
Need visible proof of the USANA Difference?
The Apple Test
Why does a cut apple turn brown? Oxygen in the air damages the apple cells causing oxidation by free radical damage. Similar processes are happening inside our body unless we have anough "antioxidants" to combat this damage and protect our health. Retail multivitamin products simply don't provide adequate antioxidant protection as shown here...
Watch the video -->
The Iodine Experiment
USANA Proflavanol grapeseed extract works much better at neutralising iodine compared to retail grapeseed products. Iodine is a strong oxidizing agent (hungry for electrons) and only Proflavanol was able to act as a true antioxidant (donate elecrons) thus neutralising the oxidation activity of iodine. Therefore Proflavanol will provide excellent antioxidant protection for our cells, especially our circulatory system.
Watch the video -->
Like to have Beautiful Skin?
   Our Sensé range of skin care provides a unique blend of "inner and outer beauty" by providing optimal nutrition within a unique self-preserving system with no added chemical preservatives. Our unique formula and packaging still provides a 2-year shelf life. Results show very quickly.
Watch the video -->
Know Anyone Who....Struggles to Lose Weight? Or, has a Sugar Craving?
Just eating less is not the answer to losing weight safely! You need to EAT MORE of the right foods to stimulate your metabolism to burn fat, get started on a regular exercise program and learn how to eat more low-glycemic foods. Anyone trying to lose weight needs personal support and guidance and that's what we promise to provide wth our "Sugar Busters" program. We have been trained to help people understand why they have trouble losing weight and why our program may help them. Just dieting or taking diet shakes on their own, often does not fix the underlying glyceamic stress and that can make a person resistant to losing weight. Our unique RESET program targets this issue.
Watch the RESET video -->  
Our "Sugar Busters" program has achieved excellent results when people stick to it. You start with a 5Day Carb Cleanse called RESET which comes with a Money-Back Guarantee. You will learn what has changed in your body over time and how to "reset" your body back to good health. This program includes audio support files, a simple exercise program, an E-book Guide and low GI meal plans - all from an Australian physician. This support is usually missing from retail weight loss systems. *FREE 5-day trial -  Contact me for details . (Individual results may vary.)
New! Rev3 EnergyTM Drink
The CLEANER. SMARTER. STRONGER alternative to crash-and-burn energy drinks that’s revolutionising the energy drink market. Low in calories, sugar and salt; powered by natural energy producing ingredients; and fortified with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, Rev3 Energy Drink is not just a natural energy drink, but a formulated supplementary sports food, perfect for the energetic and active! 12 cans $40 on Autoship. More details here.
Are you getting enough D?
Recent worldwide research has shown that vitamin D plays a far more important role in maintaining our health than we ever thought before. It is much more than a bone-building nutrient. We now know that vitamin D receptors are found in every tissue in our body but most of us are not getting enough vitamin D because we aren't in the sun enough. We work indoors and when we go in the sun we cover up and use sunscreen to protect us from skin cancer. Then during winter we have even less exposure so our immune system is much less supported. For these reasons we take USANA vitamin D and so should you. For more details about recent vitamin D research please Contact Me.
Interested in extra income or financial freedom?
USANA Associates are part of a big family of motivated entrepreneurs as shown in this photo from an Asia-Pacific convention. In 2013 we celebrated our 21st anniversary and now operate in 19 countries around the world (see list at the end). You too can have fun while you build an extra stream of income working with our team. We ensure that our new associates have the best training via USANA's award-winning BDS eApprentice online training program. USANA has enabled us to travel the world so Contact Me for more info if that appeals to you too.
You can Succeed with our Team and our Training...refer to paragraph about Success Stories further down this page. USANA has over 200 members of the $million club in just 20 years. This is a business that works. We teach new members just ONE skill to start earning income that's all, no sales pitch, no selling of products, just one easy skill...that's what makes our team so successful. Do you think you can learn one easy change your life and your future?
Fiordland N.Z. - on board the Diamond Princess Dec. 2011.
Australian Business Industry Awards 2010, 2011
In 2011 USANA won two awards - 
Best E-business product - Health and Freedom Solution (see Online Presentation link above) and Best Product - Proflavanol C100 hybrid technology. These were just two of the 45 worldwide company awards that USANA won in 2011 (contact me for the full list).
In 2010 USANA also won two awards - Best E-business product - BDS:eApprentice for training new associates and Product Excellence Category for the USANA Essentials.
Are you satisfied with your life and your health?
There are numerous issues that are reducing our health in our world today. Have you noticed that many people in our society are constantly tired, gaining weight (despite the low-fat diets) and are stressed beyond belief? Our everyday, modern environment of synthetic and convenience food, technology that reduces physical effort and exercise - from the car you drive to work to the remote control for the television - not to mention the stresses and strains of the corporate and business world are all to blame.  Fortunately there is something we can do about it.
What Should We Do To Stay Healthy? 
According to progressive health experts and researchers, there are three "Pillars of Good Health":
1. Lifestyle - no smoking, reduce stress, regular exercise, adequate sleep, moderate alcohol and drink plenty of water each day.   
2. Diet - eat a healthy diet (reduce processed foods and add more fresh fruit and vegies).
3. Supplements - take quality nutritional supplements every day to fill in the many gaps in our diet.
If any one of these three "pillars" is missing your health could be in danger. Here's why...
Poor health starts with just One Cell…
We have 80 trillion cells in our body needing optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, co-enzymes, etc. and we don't know what's around the corner with regard to our health. Poor health starts with just one cell not receiving it's full quota of nutrients and thus not functioning properly. Problem is we don't "feel" these early signs at the cellular level, we usually learn about it too late!

How important is your health to you and your family?
For us it's most important because without our health we cannot "live life to the fullest".  Do you make your health a high priority? We choose the best foods and health products every day. Eating a good diet rich in fruit and vegetables is a great start but is it really enough for optimal health? How fresh are they? How much is lost in storage and then by cooking?
WARNING...our fruit and vegie quality is not what you think!
*The fruit and vegies at your supermarket could be up to 11 months old according to food quality tests reported on Today Tonight, Feb. 20, 2012. There are other factors that that also reduce our vegetable quality...they are picked green (eg. tomatoes) before they have a chance to draw up all the nutrition that could be in the ground; then they are transported long distances before even reaching the supermarket storage areas. Therefore any good vitamins they once had will have leached out of them so they might look good with nice colours but are very likely to be nutritionally very poor. 
*Did you eat an orange yesterday? If so, great but how much Vitamin C did it have? You'll have no idea because they can vary between 15mg and 75mg. Which one did you eat? Your health may depend on it.
*How much Vitamin E did you consume? The research tells us we need at least 400IU per day to protect our health and most people only get about 5% of that even with a good diet. The same problem exists for all of the key antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc. that we need for optimal health.
This is why we need quality supplements that provide a complete range of nutrients.
"Nutritionals You Can Trust" is a very appropriate USANA motto because when you eat any food you really have no idea whether it is going to do you any good or not. You have to "trust" that it will deliver what you expect...dissolve fully in a short time, all nutrients will be absorbed into the blood stream and then into your cells and have the required amounts and ratios of nutrients to have a genuine health benefit.
USANA products are top quality, so you truly get what you pay for. There is no multivitamin on the market that compares to USANA Essentials in quality, potency and bioavailability. See the paragraph further down titled "WARNING...Not all Supplements Are The Same".
Click Here to watch a short video about the Essentials and cellular nutrition (takes 20 secs to load). 
A strong Immune System is your best way of maintaining optimal health. Maintaining the health of your immune system is achieved with diet, exercise, laughter plus an important component that is often missing... quality nutritional supplements.
HEALTH TIP: Get more energy and best results from your Gym workouts with the Essentials multivitamins combined with our RESET program of low glycaemic food drinks, nutritious food bars and Rev3 energy drinks to help you stay fit and healthy.  
Success Stories - USANA works...if you work at it, even starting part-time.
First watch the 2 videos on the right to hear these personal stories of how USANA has changed their lives - Becky Lawson and Matt & Shana Ryan.
Go to the OPPORTUNITY link above to read SUCCESS STORIES from just some of the many thousands of Associates who have experienced financial success and a fulfilling life with USANA. Most of them started very late in USANA, not just when the company opened, which shows our unique pay plan is fair. USANA has developed over 200 millionaires in just 20 years but it's not only the high flyers making money, many thousands of Associates are advancing to new income levels every week as I can prove to you with our Global Weekly Reports if you Contact Me requesting that information.   
Disclaimer: Financial success does not happen overnight. As in all walks of life it takes hard work, persistence and some capital to achieve the success these people are enjoying. The good news is that because of our unique and fair pay plan you can start anytime and still build a successful business with USANA. 

What makes USANA special?
Since there are many competing companies in the Health and Wellness industry, it requires special qualities to stand out above the rest. 
Open The USANA Difference link above to read more about these points:
Dr Myron Wentz has a unique background in human cell cultures and the nutrition we need.
Independently Tested and Proven...NSF and FDA certification.
-  100% Potency Guarantee which means that exactly what’s on the label is inside each tablet or capsule of the product. That's why they are "Nutritionals You Can Trust".
-  USANA manufactures its own supplements and voluntarily meets the highest quality of Pharmaceutical GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).
-  Superior Bioavailability which means dissolving fully so it can be absorbed into the bloodstream.
-  USANA's Quality Assurance team keeps track of every detail, from careful testing and evaluation of raw materials, to meticulous product manufacturing, shipping and storage.
-  Trusted by over 600 of the world's best athletes.
Nutrisearch Comparative Guide 5-Star Award winner.
Looking for a Rewarding Opportunity to Improve Your Life?
Our USANA business is very rewarding because we enjoy helping people to improve their health and financial position thus improving their quality of life. This has given us another income stream and perhaps you would like that too.   
You don't have to be an expert because I am here to help you learn the FIVE core skills of how to succeed in this business and the company provides great information for you in the form of award-winning tools and online training. This is NOT just a "product sales" business so don't be put off just because products are involved. USANA is a modern home business, no need to store lots of products at home like older systems...the company takes care of the orders and the distribution all you do is talk to people, how hard is that!
It is NOT meant to be a cold-calling door-to-door sales business...not very appealing. We work in a very professional way so we don't push or hassle anyone about the business opportunity or the health information or the products. We teach you how to ask the right questions to find out if the person you're talking to is interested in improving their life. We also help people who come to us looking for home business information because they filled out a form on the internet.   
USANA is a fabulous opportunity but you must learn how to do it the right way to gain confidence and be successful. You will learn a simple 4-step process to connect with people so you can help them with the two most important aspects in most people's lives...their health and their income.
All you need is a strong reason for wanting this opportunity, a desire to learn and be interested in helping other people. 
It has also given me more time to play that something that might interest you...more time to follow your passion?
USANA Offers $1million Athlete Guarantee of Purity
USANA offers an unprecedented $1million guarantee of purity that their products are free of any banned substances and will not violate the standards of the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).   "Up until now, the inability of our players to take vitamins and health supplements without fear of accidentally ingesting a prohibited substance has been a real issue," said Larry Scott, WTA Tour. "In USANA, the Tour has found a manufacturer that can not only meet the Tour's and WADA's rigorous anti-doping standards, but one that is also willing to back it up with both athlete and Tour guarantees. Justine Henin-Hardenne said, "Vitamins are very important for player health and fitness and I want to be sure that anything I put in my body is free of any prohibited substances. Any assurances that vitamin companies can give that their products are pure is really great."
Champion Marathon runner and coach trusts USANA:  
 "As a champion athlete and sports psychologist, I am interested in ways to achieve the best in personal performance. I have seen phenomenal results during the short time that I have been on the USANA nutritional program. My focus, motivation, and energy level have been at an all-time high. I highly recommend USANA supplements to all my clients who want to maintain excellence in sports, health, fitness, and life."
JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D, best-selling author, 'Your Performing Edge'
- Winner of the San Francisco Marathon
- 2nd in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon,
- Stanford University Medical Center, medical staff member
  JoAnn's product recommendation is the USANA Healthpak100 (see description further down). Recommended Reading:
 Your Performing Edge (3rd Edition) by Dr JoAnn Dahlkoetter - sports psychology and mental training for optimal sports performance with an excellent chapter on sports nutrition. Purchase it on-line from
Don't let this opportunity slip away...     
Health is a multi-billion $$ business worldwide and this creates an exciting opportunity for USANA associates. Why? Because many people want to look and feel younger, lose weight, feel less tired and stressed and keep fit & healthy. So they are prepared to spend money on quality products that work.  Our products are based on the scientific research into what our bodies need every day in terms of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other co-factors to help maintain optimal health so our products are very much in demand! 
Your Success is Our Focus
The USANA team of active associates has steadily grown to over 200,000 health-conscious entrepreneurs, and currently operates in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Caribbean, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Belgium, France, Colombia and China. This truly is an exciting time to be a USANA Associate. Our business group consists of solicitors, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, accountants, sales rep's, cleaners, etc. People from all walks of life are achieving success in our team. We have a weekly Business Opportunity presentation in Mt Waverley. Free for guests when accompanied by an Associate, just come and have a look. Contact me for details.
And now it's up to you to take the USANA health and opportunity challenge and start reaping the rewards that are waiting for you.

Are you ready to take ACTION? Use the Contact Me link to send me an email or call me on (03) 9877 6872 or mobile 0413 260 558.  



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Nutritionals You Can Trust
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Athletes Trust USANA
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Changing Lives with Matt and Shana Ryan
USANA Health Sciences is known for manufacturing the highest quality products backed by a potency guarantee. To ensure you and your family are receiving genuine world-class USANA products, purchase them only through your independent USANA Associate or
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